Welcome from Kevin N. Shah: Founder and Managing Partner

At Kevin Shah & Associates, we have a passion for our work, a strong bond with our colleagues and an unshakable dedication to our clients' interests. Our people have the ability to imagine, plan for and help our clients and one another to achieve the best result. And this is because we see opportunities where some only see problems! We, as a Firm, invest in our people! An environment that supports achievements and contributions, both inside and outside the office, always is the one in which people thrive. Our conviction to this principle is evident from the fact that most of our present partners started out as associates in the Firm. It is their dedication towards the firm and their attitude towards our clients, for which I am highly indebted. Greater achievements lie ahead in the coming years with your support, encouragement and good wishes.

Our Contact Info

Office: Amboli, 403-A Wing, Krimson Park, Junction, SV Rd, ICICI Colony, Navneeth Colony, Andheri West, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400058.

Phone: 022 2677 0718

Email: [email protected]

Opening Hours: Mon - Sat : 10:30 am - 07.30 pm (Sunday - Closed)

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